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Ritualz of the occult

Format : Extended play (EP)
Release dates : 22nd february 2016 (Full black CD), 12nd july 2016 (Digital)
Production : Self produced
Distribution : Worm Hole Death
Duration : 18’35’’

Stunning Black/Death Metal melting a modern sound with a 90's feeling. Blasting drums and epic guitars serving fat guttural vocals. For the first time fully engineered, recorded, mixed, mastered and manufactured by the band itself. Produced and supervised by Heimdall, Alkhemohr & M.C. Abagor.



Format : Full-length
Release date : January 2014 (CD/Digital)
Production & distribution : Worm Hole Death / Aural music
Duration : Over 45 minutes

Second assault of the band, heavier and darker than ever. Dissonant arpeggios melted in low tuned rhythm guitars bring the ritualistic atmosphere of the album. An epic opus of black/death metal that mix more modern sequences and blazing lead guitars. A powerful and professional production serve this hymn dedicated to blackness.


Atheist dezekration

Format : Full-length
Release date : September 13rd, 2010 (CD)
Production : Self produced
Distribution : M&O Music
Duration : 43’46’’

The band gave birth to its first spawn of blackened metal. Over 40 minutes of pure melodic and blasting rituals preaching for the anthem of atheism. Dark and cold but intelligible raw production.


The godless whoreship

Format : Split
Release date : August 3rd, 2009 (Vinyl-like CD)
Production : Self produced
Distribution : Self released
Duration : 17’04’’

In this second split format DunkelNacht shares the recording with 3 other metal bands : Deviant Messiah, Harshness & Necros. Each track is unreleased or constitutes a preview material. The song entitled «Atheist dezekration» promotes the eponymic forthcomnig album.


Mass Grave / DunkelNacht

Format : Split
Release date : September 17th, 2007 (CDr)
Production : Self produced
Distribution : Self released
Duration : 26’03’’

First official release materializes by a split CD with the Death/Thrash band Mass Grave. It features 3 live recording tracks in studio : «Klaustrophobik inoculum», «Errare humanum est» & «Oligarchislamisme» which are revisited and recorded on the debut album.